Terms of reservation ELITE Airport Taxi Gdańsk


  1. Elite Airport Taxi Gdańsk Mariusz Skierkowski, ul. Starogardzka 65/2, 80-180 Gdańsk, NIP: 5842421006 nr telefonu: +48 734134059, biuro@airporttaxigdansk.com.pl.
  2. Terms of reservation
    • The reservation can be done by form on the website, email or by phone.
    • Every online reservation or text message reservation has to be made at least one hour before execution and it has to be confirmed by ELITE Airport Taxi Gdańsk.
    • The time of journey/departure/appointment is individually determined and it is differentiated according to the distance to the airport, however, the time of finalization is always 3 hours before departure.
    • According to the number of passengers, transit is done by car or van unless the customer pointed out specific car earlier.
    • Every customer can carry the luggage in the amount determines by airline (basic luggage + hand luggage). There is a possibility of carrying the additional luggage and sport equipment for an extra charge after set with a carrier. The carriage of pram or wheelchair id free but it has to be notified earlier. The ski equipment and tourist equipment has to be properly packed and protected to not endanger the passengers and not damage the car.
    • The children under 12 can use the transfer only under the supervision of adult. Young people aged 13-18 may travel alone provided they had written permission from a parent or adult guardian.
    • The children should be transported in a car seat appropriate to their weight and age, There is a possibility of renting a car seat for 50 PLN. The customer can use own seat.
    • The customer is obliged to report immediately after leaving customs control in the arrivals hall, where the driver will be waiting with the card name. In the case of random events (in particular, lost luggage) the customer is obliged to notify the carrier about the situation. In the absence of information or lack of contact with the customer, the maximum waiting time is 40 minutes after the flight’s arrival.
    • In the case of daly, chan ges or problems with finding the driver, please contact us +48 734 134 059 (24h). In the lack of contact from customer, eventually complaint will not be included.
    • Each car has a passenger insurance against accidents during the journey, but is not liable for damages arising out of the vehicle. The carrier is not liable for luggage.
    • The carrier has the right to refuse to carry or not to allow to take place in the vehicle in case the Client:
  • does not comply with transport regulations,
  • is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • Alcohol consumption and smoking in vehicles is prohibited.
    • The carrier is not liable for any damage or delay arising:
  • with incorrect or incomplete information about the exit or arrival,
  • the disruption to road traffic, control traffic, bad weather, late clients or random events.
    • Promotions are valid only on the dates set in the “Promotions” and do not connect with each other.
    • After payment the client (the booker) receives via e-mail confirmation. Reservations can be made not later than two hours before the transfer. Later reservations require a confirmation.
  1. Payments
    • Payment can be done by bank transfer, by PayPal, by card trough the website or for the driver after the service.Payments by bank transfer should be make no later than the day before the execution (in the case of companies it is possible to postpay based on invoice). If the reservation is made for less than 1 day prior to the reserved date, electronic transfer confirmation should be sent by mail. Always before transfer, make sure by the phone, whether the service is available.
    • Payment by PayPal is possible for online reservations. All reservations with using Paypal payment must first be confirmed by the carrier. If the customer makes a payment using PayPal without confirm the booking and the execution will not be possible, the carrier shall deduct a transaction fee of 3%.
    • The invoices are issued after prior notification during the booking process.
    • From January 2020, changes have been proposed regarding the issue of a VAT invoice – depending on the full VAT invoice issued, a receipt with the printed NIP number is offered for the entity.
      Therefore, customers make online payments (by payment card, credit card or Paypal system), when booking or by bank transfer, and include the above entities and want to obtain a VAT invoice to cover the scope of accounting services as a company at the time of ordering. Provide the data (NIP and company number) to which the VAT invoice is to be issued. If this condition is not met, it cannot be received. In addition, we would like to use that for individual clients, personal VAT invoices are issued as before. Selected driver payment options, receipt is issued at the settlement point and it is not possible to add a tax identification number, therefore you should inform the driver before using the data transfer option
  2. Returns
    • The customer has right to the no-cost abandon at least 3 hour before the agreed date of transfer. In case of cancellation later than 3 hour before the agreed date of transfer, the Customer will not give payment back.
    • If the receptions takes place outside the Gdańsk, the Customer has right to the non-cost abandon until the taxi will not leave the city.
    • Lack of the customer in the place of departure more than 15 minutes of the agreed time is tantamount to resignation from the journey. In this case the Customer is not entitled to a refund the payment.
    • If the Customer report incorrect date or time or not inform about changes, the reservation is canceled immediately. In this case the Customer will not give payment back. Resending the car causes re-calculation of the fee.
    • Transaction fees charged by banks or clearing systems are not refundable.
  3. Complaints
    • Any complaints must be reported to the driver at the time of transfer or immediately after it. Late applications will not be considered. The complaint will be processed within 14 business days and we will answer in electronic form (e-mail)
  4. Personal data protection
    • All personal data are protected by the carrier in accordance with the law. Customer has the right to access, change, and delete their personal data